The foundation of Medel reflects an engagement, an ambition and an ideal. It also represents a social conscience: Between rich and poor, strong and weak, it is freedom that oppresses, and the law that liberates. Lacordaire’s phrase remains very much topical in the age of economic liberalism.

Notícias MEDEL


Conjunto de intervenções e apresentações em PowerPoint constantes do ciclo de conferências “Democracia e Estado de Direito”, organizado pela MEDEL em março de 2019 visando as eleições para o Parlamento Europeu que se realizam no próximo domingo, dia 26 de maio. —...

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Murat Arslan has won Vaclav Havel Prize!

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MEDEL Statement on the Reform of the Supreme Court in Poland

MEDEL has been following with an increasing concern the development of the situation in Poland. Only on 1st July 2017, the General Assembly of MEDEL adopted a communiqué on the Constitutional Court in Poland, calling the EU institutions to continue the dialogue with Polish authorities in order to restore the Rule of Law. Since then, the governing majority in Poland has taken further steps to weaken the judicial independence which will deeply undermine the fundaments of the democratic rule  of  law state.

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